How do Writers Get Ideas?

We are exploring the Pre-Writing stage of the Writing Process. This is when writers start thinking about something they'd like to write about, gather their ideas and start putting thoughts together about their next piece of writing.

We tried out a strategy called Word Association. You write down everything you can think of about a single word, in our case "ocean" and then use your associations to spark new ideas, and so forth. When we did it as a class, we quickly realized that each of us has different associations to the same word. To me, ocean might mean fun, exciting, summer, family. To someone else, ocean might spark thoughts of sharks, deep, dark, scary. We quickly realized that all this does is get your brain going and start making those associations until you get to an idea that you might want to write about.

The students then tried a word association of their with a word they picked out of a hat.

We are Mathematicians!

We are exploring who we are as Mathematicians. What we do, how we think and how we work with others. We used a cooperative learning strategy called "Give One, Get One" to share with each other what we think about Mathematicians. Then we combined all our ideas together as a class and decided that according to our definitions, we are all Mathematicians!

Community Circle

Community Circle is the way we start our day. It's a way for the class to come together, greet each other, share exciting or important information and then play a quick game or activity that emphasizes teamwork or community building. I think it sets the tone for the rest of the day, and gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and work on creating a sense of community. 

Here's a quick game we played in which we had to work together in order to be successful!

Welcome to Grade 3 2016-2017!

Welcome to Grade 3! 

My name is Ms. Sucre and I'm going to be your Grade 3 teacher for this school year. I'm very excited to meet you! I am originally from Venezuela, but I have lived in lots of different countries since I was 8 years old, just like most of you. 

This is our blog. Here we will be posting photos, videos and texts of your work throughout the school year. It's a great resource for your parents to find out about all the exciting things we are doing in Grade 3. We will be posting something on here at least once a week, sometimes more, so that your parents are updated weekly. 

I am excited to share this year with you. We will be learning, laughing, problem-solving, exploring and do many more things together. Here's to a great year ahead! 

What would our world be like without signs?

In our study of signs and symbols and how they help us communicate ideas, we've been discussing what would happen if we stopped using signs and symbols. We went on a walk around the school to look at exactly how much we rely on signs and symbols to communicate with everyone at the school.

To further explore this question of how important are signs and symbols, we got into groups and created short skits to illustrate different scenarios in which we need signs to communicate. Take a look at a couple of situations to spark a conversation at home.

A world without "no smoking" signs:

And why we need them: